About me....
I live in Iowa and have been married to the love of my life for 7 years. (Jay baby, you are amazing)!
I am a 33...... almost 34 year old mom of a 14 yr old (Alyssa) and a 10 yr old (Donovan). I just graduated and will begin my new career as a physical therapist assistant this week (Wednesday) with Odom Health and wellness.
I have become addicted to working out and making fitness and health a priority this last year!
It all started with a small 2 week challenge last winter! Thanks mamavation! After that I began working out with a trainer a couple days a week for 8 weeks (my birthday gift from the hubby) and joined an amazing gym!
NowI want more than anything to be a role model for my kids, my patients and those around me. I feel better than I did at 30 and hopefully at 40 will feel better and healthier than even in my Early 20's.
I am working towards a healthy body fat % and later want to work on getting into the athletic category.
Last year I was shocked when my scale read 186lbs (which is more than I weighed at 8 months prego with my now 10 yr old son) and was even more shocked when my trainer said my body fat % was 35% (after the 2 week challenge and already losing a few pounds and several inches)! Wowza.... Well today I am 30% bf and down to 161 lbs (which is great but stinks because before my last clinical I was down to 156lbs but real life 40 hrs of work, plus running 2 kids and studying left very little Time for me). My newest goal is with my new career starting soon to prove to myself I can continue my workouts and healthy life and can make time for myself!
With the help of my handsome hubby and my crazy kids I will succeed and hopefully my family will get healthier and stronger!
We are in charge of our own happiness! Do something today that makes you proud and then smile because you accomplished something you set out to do! Big or small take pride in all you do!
Loving this for motivation! My journey to a healthier me is all about improving myself and not comparing myself to anyone else!