So today I am signing up for a 6 week challenge to see who can earn the most MEPS (activity points based on heart rate) during our workouts! Woot woot!! I have committed to working out 5 days a week (which is one, two more than my current level), to eating healthier and trying to build some serious strength! I am so excited!! Yay!!
Even if I am not a winner the challenge is going to rock and make my fitness level be even better which is so dang exciting!!
Today I did another assessment it has been 8 weeks since I joined kosama and although I have not lost a lot of weight I am stronger! 8 weeks ago I could not do more than 5 regular push ups (not on my knees) today I did 15 with my chest all the way down to a 2 inch block each time!
I did 36 sit ups in a minute which is awesome (I think it is the mans number they have to have for the PT test in the Air Force). The only disappointment was with my wall sit I could only hold it 1:27 seconds (probably due to my legs being sore and tired from my k box class and other workouts this week but who knows).

So my goals for the end of the challenge are great but so attainable!!
1) I want to lose 6 lbs (a pound a week)
2) I want to be able to more than 25 push ups (less than 2 added a week)
3) I want to be able to do 40 sit ups in a minute only 5 more but this one may be the hardest goal)
4) I want to change my body fat % (at least 2% this is huge and may be a crazy goal to but it will get me closer to a healthy range since my body fat is so high).
5) I want to be able to do 5 days a week or 5 workouts at kosama a week min. During the challenge with at least a couple 2 a days to push me towards my goals even more!!
6) I want to kick ass on my MEPS keeping my heart rate up and never quiting early (3 seconds early is NOT okay.... Finishing strong is the only way to finish)!
7) I want to commit to also commit to running intervals on my own to be able to lose some fat and burn some extra calories too (and to build up to running longer.... All runs for me are run/walks and I have never been good at pacing so doing a full running 5k with no walking would feel amazing!
8) the hardest goal I need to commit to my diet everyday of the challenge (treats are fine/ cheats are not).... I need to figure in treats working my calorie budget and not splurge all weekend and screw up my weeks hard work!

So wish me luck.... I will need it but even more so wish me strength, health and endurance during the challenge so I can finish strong!!

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