I love love love Christmas! It is the perfect holiday to celebrate Jesus birth and to spend with family! This morning I baked homemade cookies with my little man for Santa! Santa will be thrilled with the choc. chip and PB cookies (esp. Since he knows mom and donovan HAtE pb cookies and made them special for him)! So The best part was watching my little guy do so much on his own! Man 10 yrs old and already I know he is going to be a good man! He helped clean our mess up without being asked! He used his manners, followed directions and then turned the oven light on and sat in front of the oven to watch his dough turn into cookies! He helped wrap a few of his sisters gifts! Lots of Joy in his laughter and in my heart! It is days like this I LOVE being a mother!

Today and tomorrow all my fitness goals and eating healthy is not going to be worried about at all!
I will get back on track the 26th until then I am just going to enjoy my time with my family and hope you all do!!
Merry Christmas to you all!!

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