Happy New year 2013!! Yay!! So 2012 was a great year! My baby's girls first year of high school, my lil mans last year of grade school, and a local position for my traveling husband! Plus I graduated from college,passed boards, got an amazing job and lost 25 lbs (too bad I did not keep it all off.... And gained 7lbs back between dec. 15th and jan. 2nd)!
So what do I want to accomplish this year? What are my goals? What would I like new in my life?
Hmmm... So much to ponder!. Whatever the new year brings I am ready (except for extra poundage I am NOT okay with that and will NOT let it happen)!
My first goal is to be healthy so for me that means I want to lose that 7 lbs I gained plus another 20 lbs. I want to get to a healthy body fat % (my goal is under 25)! I want to work out 3-5 days a week (minimum 3 and only on weeks my kids schedules are NUTS with sports otherwise 5 days)! What are my time lines well the 7lbs mus go right way within 4 weeks), the 20 lbs within 16 weeks and the body fat % by Dec. 31st).
The workouts of course are a part of this and have already began! I will reward myself $1 a workout and will buy a workout top or a New piece of clothing every time I reach $50!

Secondly I want to do more with my kids and try to get the hubby involved too.... When lil man begs to go ice skating no more reading books and watching I need to go with him and try to enjoy it! I want to Zumba/ workout with my daughter Alyssa at least one day week because despite her sports and being active it is important for her to see me active and to spend time together! As for the hubby I will continue to ask him to join the gym, will ask him to go on walks and will prepare healthier meals and maybe he wk come around and want to join me on this healthy lifestyle journey sooner than later!
Another goal that goes with getting healthy is eating out less than 3 times a week (including lunches) this may be the hardest goal of all but will help is save $ and will help me eat healthier!

Goals goals goals..:::so another goal? .... I want to be more passionate about life in general! Life is what we make of it so why the heck not make the best of everything I do?
I want to get this blog up and get more visitors! I want to inspire others and make people smile and relate to me even if it means spilling and making fun of my bad day to give someone something to laugh about
! I will begin to spend 15-20 minutes a day praying, mediating and thinking about what I have now, being thankful for everything God gives me, and thinking ways to achieve my goals!

Finally I want to start paying off some of my debt! Yuck eww and yep I admit we have way to much and have not been the best at paying it but hopefully with my new job and less eating out that will change!

Alright I am ready to kick some ass this year and make it fabulous! I am ready to succeed and to make this a great year! Welcome to 2013!!
Final work out of 2012 Zumba baby!!!

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