Okay so we all have heard the saying you are what you eat right? Well lately I feel good cause I have been eating well but wow... Let me tell you when I eat crap now I can REALLY feel it.. . I never believed that mood, energy levels and so much changes based on your diet! I knew if I ate healthy I would lose weight but it is incredible how one night of junk can make me feel like a complete turtle for two days in the gym! I also noticed after junk I feel drained at work and am moodier! It is almost like a hangover including the shoot I may puke (especially at the gym)! So I am thinking food hangovers should be on my list of things to avoid! Eating clean makes my body and mind happy! ;-)

So my goals for the new year are going well expect one huge fail....
We (my family) get a huge fail on the going out less than 3 times a week! With basketball, indoor soccer, work, and now hockey our lives are chaos and I want to workout at night (because I am also failing a doing the 455 am class lately too).... Anyhow instead of cooking we have been grabbing healthy food on the go.... Well kinda healthy as far as fast goes.... subway, panera salads, chick fila grilled salads! So my goal for next week is to plan some meals Sunday and really try harder not to eat out!
So how is everyones goals for this year going?

Not my photo but LOVE what it says! ;-)

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