So yesterday as I tried to get residents to join us for group exercise (chair yoga), I had to laugh at how many times I was told by the seniors yoga was not exercise. When asked why not they would say things like it is just moving your arms or body and stretching.
Made me think abouty biases when it comes to exercise, I know the importance of stretching and muscle balance, but prefer HIT, running, Zumba and cardio mixed with strength training classes over Pilates and yoga any day!
So my goal for next week is to go with the PT I am working with to yoga and to maybe start incorporating it or Pilates into my weekly routine since I know the importance of flexibility and know yoga has so many benefits!
The only yoga I am doing right now is the chair yoga at work which does not challenge me (although I would totally recommend it to my seniors patients or residents as my employer prefers us to call the seniors living at the lighthouse).
So my question for everyone who reads my blog is what is it that you do or hate to do that you have trouble thinking of as exercise?
Why do we get in our little boxes and avoid trying new things? Isn't exercise about moving, about getting are muscles working and creating optimal health for ourselves,not just about burning calories?
If we are not stretching enough even though we exercise 5 days a week are we really making our bodies the best it can be?
All things for me as a theaprist to really think about..... Time to practice what I preach...... And help myself achieve one of the goals I love seeing patients reach better flexibility and range of motion! ;-)

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