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Gym shopping is by far harder than Christmas shopping for anyone so far!
Yikes, yuck and HELP!!!!!!!

So looking for a new gym.... The gym I have been going to is the opposite way from my job and does not offer night classes and would be hard to get to in the morning because it is 20 min from my house in the wrong direction and about 45 min from my job!
Frustrating because I LOVE My old gym!I like group fitness, enjoy making my own circuits, I LOVE rowing and sprinting the track....pluseI love being around others and hate working out alone! So wherever I go they need to have a variety of free weights, kettle bells, a box or steps for box jumps and a bosu ball an preferable a few group fitness classes I can attend a week.
The gym I visited tonight was not a fit for me, I walked in loved the machines, but hated the small area with the bosu balls, step and other misc equipment. Not enough room for burpees, moutain climbers, plank jacks and NO kettle bells! Then I find out no rowing machine....and no fitness classes. Blah so for the same $50.00 a month I spend now..... plus a $50 key fee, a $20 maintence fee and a year contract I have to give up fitness classes, the track, the rowing machine, space and my gym buddies!
Wowza that may be a little too much to give up ---- would I still be excited about going to the gym without all those things? Will I lose some motivation? Honestly I am thinking I probably will NOT be happy and will get bored.
So I guess my journey continues... Tomorrow I will be checking into Kosama (a group fitness club offering a variety of classes including kickboxing, Pilates, kettle bells, Plyo workouts and more!) I am super excited and hoping that it is a fit! Even though it is a but more costly..... I am thinking that the mix of classes, the fact that I like group fitness and support I will receive there willl make it well worth my money!
So this weeks goal to work out 4-5 times, to find a gym and to get back on track with my diet since I have been a sugar addict since my birthday on Saturday and have been slacking on logging my food!

Anyone with advice on how to stay motivated with schedule changes, gym changes and a new career let me know!

12/20/2012 7:36am

Gym shopping is definitely difficult! I'm torn between home gym and out of home gym. I get more done at home, but I love the alone time at the gym. We chose ours based on the availability of a pool and stuff for the kids to do too. The fitness classes are what I go to most often! It is super hard to stay motivated, but maybe if you write down a mantra and say it every morning when you wake up it would help? Like a single sentence of your goals and aspirations to help you keep on target? That sounds so good I think I'm going to take my own advice LOL


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