Alright I guess I HAVE to start being the boss! ;-)
So today was my first day of work! The lighthouse facility is huge.... Should have no issues getting in lots of steps! Now to get in my workout! Gotta be a boss right? No canceling! Ohhh But I am tired.... (Something you all should know is procrasting is something I do really well)! On that note I Guess I better learn to get up earlier and figure out a way to get it done and over! . I am not a morning person (I practically tossed my alarm this morning at 540 am.... How will I ever be able to get up earlier?).
So about my job no Physical therapy today just some paper work, going over doccumentation/computer system and then meeting the residents and my coworkers. It was fun and I think I will LOVE the PT I will be assisting!

I can not wait to start doing therapy with the residents and look forward to seeing the gym (that was suppose to be done today) come together! Right now we have no light fixtures, no baseboards and the only pieces of equipment we have is the parallel bars and weights .. Which would be fine if we wanted to lift or do gymnastics in the dark but since I am working with the elderly population probably not a great idea. ;-)

Ate a healthy breakfast and lunch slacked a lot on my water consumption and can feel it for sure!
Tomorrow is my second day.... Maybe the construction company will give us light so we can actually get the gym put together and doing some therapy! ;-)

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